After School Programs

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma offers soft-skilled learning programs for elementary school and high school-aged boys and girls. Our highly trained staff teach students to create, think, and accomplish in an inclusive and safe learning environment. The flexible curriculum serves as an extension to lessons learned in the classroom, with an emphasis on self-discovery.

Programs occur at local elementary schools and are led by Camp Fire staff. After School curriculum focuses on STEM, life skills, and teambuilding projects.

Wise Kids:

  • Creating a Generation of Healthier Youth
  • Youth 3rd through 5th grades meet for an hour each week for 9 weeks in an after school setting.
  • The Program uses workbooks, games, lively activities, and weekly challenges to get kids moving and learning about healthier living.
  • The curriculum focuses on the Energy Balance concept (Calories IN = Calories OUT). The simple theme promotes a healthy, lifelong approach to nutrition and exercise.
  • The program cost is $9 per student.


  • Positive Communication and Development for Today’s Youth
  • Youth in 6th-8th grade meet for an hour each week for six weeks to learn how to effectively communicate with peers, teachers, and parents.
  • The program uses movement and activities, interactive lessons, and student-led discussions integrated with games and role-playing opportunities to make a lasting difference.
  • Students learn conflict-resolution and discover how to spot, stop, and prevent bullying (from ALL angles). Curriculum also teaches approaches to take when they feel uncomfortable in a social situation, or pressured to do something they know is not safe, healthy, or right for them.
  • The program cost is $6 per student.

Camp STEM:

  • Sparking Youth’s Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • The STEM program runs from 6-weeks a semester in either the fall or spring semester. The curriculum is designed for 1st-2nd graders or 3rd-5th graders. Students attend STEM class once a week for an hour after school.
  • Through hands-on activities, kids learn about design and engineering concepts, STEM careers, and communicating their ideas more effectively tot heir peers in a safe and structured environment.
  • Cost varies by program length/time chosen.


Is the student or school responsible for payment? 

  • Schools can cover the cost or have the students pay.

What accommodations does Camp Fire need to run its programs on school campuses?

  • Wise Kids requires a large space (cafeteria or gym) with tables and chairs.
  • InterACTION and STEM programs require a room with tables and chairs.
  • All workbooks and materials are covered by Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma.

Can schools change a program’s curriculum? 

  • All programs can be customized to the needs of the school. For example, with our STEM program, we can put greater emphasis on environmental education, math or engineering.

Can Camp Fire run one of its after-school programs during regular school hours?

  • Yes! Camp Fire can run school programs at different times during the school day.

To learn more about specific programs, please contact: 

Brian Reid
405-254-2066  |