Club Programs


Clubs are small groups of youth led by trained adult volunteers. Clubs have regular meetings where youth and their families have an exciting opportunity to explore the world, be creative, participate in community service, and gain a sense of belonging while having fun. Clubs are open to all boys and girls Preschool through High School. Volunteer leadership is the key component of Club Program. Without leaders, a club cannot exist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the outcomes of the program?
What are the qualities of the program?
Where and when do clubs meet?
How much does it cost?
At what age can youth join?
Are there Uniforms?
How do I join or volunteer?

Program Outcomes
· Leadership and Teambuilding Skills

· Self-Reliance

· Involved Citizenship

· Lasting Friendships

· Activities that help youth discover more about themselves, their community, the outdoors, and the arts and science. 

Important qualities of the club program
Progression - As the children get older, they do more complex and challenging activities.

Variety - The Club Program develops the whole child and includes a wide range of activities and skill development.

Partnership - Both leaders and youth members are involved in making decisions for the club.

Recognition - Camp Fire youth are recognized for their participation and achievement. This helps to build self-esteem and pride!

Where and when do clubs meet?

Each club is different. They meet on a regular basis, arranged to fit the schedules of members and leaders. Meetings may be held at a school, a leader’s home or in other community locations.

Metro Club: The Metro club is open to any registered members of Camp Fire living in Central Oklahoma who like to participate in clubs. Meetings are held at the Camp Fire headquarters at 3009 E. Hefner Road, OKC,OK 73131 on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:30-7:30pm.

Volunteer Led Traditional Clubs: These clubs meet once a week or every other week and are led by at least two highly trained adult volunteers. all club volunteers are required to pass a background check and attend Camp Fire staff led training throughout the year. Volunteer led clubs are located throughout Central Oklahoma, and our branch offices in Ada, Ardmore, and Perry. 

All Camp Fire clubs are eligible to participate in scheduled camping events at Camp DaKaNi. Camp Fire's curriculum is progessive and based on a child's age and educational level; in addition, curriculum and activities are outcome based and measured by program staff every year locally, and cumulatively on a national level. 

How much does it cost?

It costs $15 annually to be a member of Camp Fire. Clubs also do fundraisers including a Candy Sale to cover the cost of providing the club program.

At what age can youth join?
Camp Fire serves all boys and girls ages 3 through High School. Clubs are organized based on age:
Little Stars (3-pre-K)
Starflight (K-2nd Grade)
Adventure (3rd-5th Grade)
Discovery (6th-8th grade)
Horizon (9th-12th grade)

Are there Uniforms?
Little Stars members
Wear a red sash. As they complete different projects they earn emblems to decorate their uniform.
Starflight clubs
Wear a red vest and earn emblems.
Adventure Clubs
Wear a blue vest, earn beads and emblems.
Discovery and Horizon Youth
Design their own ceremonial costume to display all their awards and wear on special occasions. They usually pick their own uniform of a Camp Fire Shirt and jeans or khaki pants to wear for regular meetings.

Usually kids wear their uniform with a white shirt and navy or khaki pants. Uniforms. If money is an issue, there are also some used uniforms that have been donated.

How do I join or volunteer?
Contact Sarah Kegin at or (405)254-2065.