Want to volunteer? Contact our office at 405-254-2071 or

Why volunteer at Camp Fire?

Volunteering at Camp Fire offers intangible rewards, the kind that stay with you for years to come, those moments with a child that can make your day and change your life.

We at Camp Fire are proud of our high-quality programs, but we know we could never operate without the help of our volunteers. With that, we want to work around you and your schedule. Whether you have a week, a day or only an hour you can volunteer at Camp Fire.

*Please note that all volunteers who work directly with children must first complete a background check. Camp Fire can deny volunteers based on substandard background check results.

Getting Started: Current & Future Ways to Volunteer

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

GOTCHA Holiday Break Camp 

Camp Fire's Camp DaKaNi is looking for individuals to assist with the GOTCHA Spring Break Camp. The theme of this year's camp is "Inventor's Workshop". Volunteers will assist staff during science based activities with campers throughout the day. Volunteers can come for a few hours, a day or the whole week! 

Upcoming volunteer dates : March 7-11 and March 14-18, 2016.

Outdoor Classroom

Students take a field trip to Camp Fire’s Camp DaKaNi to learn about science, using nature as their guide. This is a fun-filled day that allows children to experience education outside of the classroom.

How you can volunteer for Outdoor Classroom:

Zip Line or Rock Wall Assistant- Assist a Camp Fire staff member as they harness children to the zip line or rock wall. Volunteers will help ensure safety of all students and provide encouragement as they try something new. 

Fishing Activity Leader - Help children as they fish in our pond! The volunteer ensures the children are properly using and handling the fishing poles and helps them get bait on their hooks. This volunteer will also help get fish off of the hooks when the children catch them!

Low-Challenge Ropes Course Leader - Help children as they overcome obstacles on the low elements challenge ropes course! The volunteer will show children how to overcome these obstacles and ensure their safety as they do so.

Science Lesson Activity Leader* – Help children learn about science!  This volunteer leads a hands-on science-based activity, which is chosen by the classroom teacher.  Lesson topics include: Geology, Water and Water Wildlife, Habitats and Ecosystems, Insects, Birds, and Trees.

*Requires a short training session led by the Director of Outdoor School.

Summer Camp 

To learn about ways you can volunteer for our Summer Day Camp, Camp DaKaNi, click here.

Office Assistants 

Office Assistants will help in our main office. Duties include, counting flyers, addressing envelopes, simple filing, ect. If you have a few free hours during the day, this is a great way to volunteer!  Volunteer times are flexible during open office hours. The office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Amount of workload available will depend based on the season and staff needs.

Campground Improvement

A great group or family volunteer activity!

We have several painting projects around camp!

Depending on the size of your group, we can also find some larger projects to do, such as sealing a wall before painting or moving larger materials around camp.

If you have special skills such as flooring or plumbing and would like to volunteer we have many projects in which we need your skills!

Dates and Times: When the volunteer is available. Many volunteers who can’t volunteer during the week volunteer to help around camp on Saturdays. Our only request is that you give us at least a two-week notice (or earlier, if possible) before you or your group want to come, so we can ensure we have all the materials necessary for your project.

Want to volunteer? Contact our office at 405-254-2071 or