Penn “Bearfoot” Henthorn

Penn “Bearfoot” Henthorn

Program Director


Penn has served with Camp Fire since 2011. Before he joined the staff, he attended Camp DaKaNi as a camper and volunteered as a camp counselor as a teenager and adult. Penn has an extensive background in Child Development and Camp Management. In his free time, he enjoys kayaking, curling, amateur radio, and spending time outdoors with his children and grandchildren.

Penn is a certified Challenge Course Instructor, Archery Instructor, and non-profit consultant. Penn is also certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.

“To me, working at camp is all about assisting others to grow, dream, and learn who they are as individuals. At camp, we have a great opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime. Every year, as the camp season approaches, I start getting excited and pumped up for a summer that will make a difference in the lives of every camper, staff member and parent I meet. As a parent, past camper, and counselor, the camp experience is a deep part of who I have become.“