• Camp Fire’s outdoor programs address the real world challenge of kids getting outside and unplugged from their electronics. We’ve seen a 50 percent decrease nationally in outdoor activities for youth over the last 10 years.
  • Along with disconnecting young people from their electronics, fishing connects them with our natural world and each other in ways few other activities can achieve. Fishing teaches young people where food comes from, the importance of taking care of our environment, and perhaps best of all for teachers and parents, it teaches them patience.
  • Our pond has serious erosion and leaking issues and no sunshade. The proposed project is to drain the pond, remove the eroded islands, dig the pond deeper and wider to improve the fish habitat, and reline the bottom with clay and/or Bentonite to stop leaking and reduce erosion. In addition, we plan to add a covered fishing dock, boathouse, and launch, and a small gradient beach for wading to ensure program quality and safety is maintained and even enhanced.

Project to create a shaded area over the hammock circle by installing a circular roof.